Smart Business Ideas With Low Investment

If you are reading this right now, then you are probably balding at one spot from scratching your head trying to figure out where to get capital. Filled up your diary with lots of business ideas, unemployed or just looking at making an extra buck? If your answer is a resounding yes, then getting the initial capital must be giving you sleepless nights. The fact is that you can start with a small amount of capital. In fact, some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs started out small. Here are some ideas to get up and run away with. Surprisingly, all have little capital investment.

Top 8 List Of Incredibly High Returns Business Ideas With Little Capital Investment


1. Makeup Artist


Makeup is magical, and we all have to look exceptional on some days more than others require. That seemingly natural stroke of the brush can turn out to be a great business if the skills are well refined. Using, your makeup kit plus a few other additions, start doing make ups for prom nights, weddings, social events to your friends and family. Requires little to no capital to start out with, but has growing demand if you are good.


2. Food and more food!


Seriously, you can never go wrong when it comes to selling food and food related products and services. This venture is an inflation insulated kind of business where it’s not about the state of the economy but more about a rumbling tummy. Make home pies, cakes, sweets and take away dishes for a small fee. Keep it fresh, tasty and presentable, and the order calls will come ringing.


3. Social Media Management


Social media has opened up a world of seamlessly endless possibilities in making money. Services range from affiliate marketing to Facebook and Twitter account managements. People want social media visibility for diverse reasons; however, some are too busy to engage in this simple but time-consuming affair and are willing to pay to have someone keep their online presence updated. Offer competitive rates to manage social media accounts, and you are ready to go.


4. Arts and Craft


You will be amazed that those things you engage in as a hobby can turn out to fetch a tidy sum. Never underestimate the value of either pencil art or any other artistic thing that you do when bored. Take pictures and post it online. Use them as your WhatsApp profile picture. Someone will be willing to have something similar, go ahead and charge, don’t feel guilty about it. Bills are not loyal you know!


5. Cleaning services


The majority of employed people have no time for laundry. They are swamped with so many social and family engagements that leave them with no time to clean up. All you need for this business is your pair of hands. Offer cleaning services ranging from laundry, de-cluttering to house cleaning and charge a fee that will see you make a good return on time spent on the project.


6. Running Errands


We all know that there are only 24 hours in a day and we cannot get all things done on certain days, some days are short of 24 hours, you might quip. Running errands is a safe, fast, and easy to start a business where people pay for convenience and even better, to avoid queuing! Offer to shop, deliver a parcel, walk the dog, go to the grocery and the dollars will keep lining up in your wallet.


7. Gift wrapping


If you think shopping is hard, then try wrapping the gift in the fanciest way. Some people do this so effortless while others do not have the time or the patience to wrap a box that will be ripped open in seconds! Go ahead and take advantage of the festive seasons and wrap, wrap and wrap some more as you get yourselves out of a debt hole or cut down on bills.


8. Events Management


Planning an event be it a party, wedding or corporate affair can be overwhelming. So many tiny details and no time to pull off that one of a kind event. If you have excellent networking skills, then this is the right business for you. The best part is, you can ask the client for the deposit, and this eliminates the challenge of lacking the cash or limited resources.




There is more to a successful business than just significant capital investments. Put down your plans and goals on pen and paper, add passion and enthusiasm to it then infuse the small amount of capital and start an empire.