Inspiring Tattoo Ideas

Before you get your first tattoo you are a tattoo baby. You don’t know what to get? Should it be black and gray tattoo, should it be color tattoo. How do I decide? Better question is how can I be inspired?
I have couple ideas for you, not telling you it’s going to work for you, but it worked for me.
Start with the museum, see what is inspires you, take notes on your cell phone.
My biggest inspiration when I started getting tattoos was this dutch tiles. What I liked about them that they were small, unique clear images, the clarity was the thing that catch my eye. I remember I was going to the museum couple times a month and looking at this tiles, taking pictures of them, reading notes from the tiles, that’s where i begun.
I still have my notes that I wrote down when I went to the museum in 2012, now it’s funny to look at it, but I’ll share them with you. This is my actual notes: “bow and arrow”, “a farm”, “shark with a ribbon”, “a Venus statue”, “an apple” and “an umbrella”. Then you ask why I’m going to pay to go to the museum to write something simple like Venus or umbrella, but you never know what are those notes going to translate in to,
you don’t know what you will be inspired by, but the place where all this art is a good place to start.
The other place where I get my tattoo inspirations is from song lyrics. And I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to get a word tattoos, and that just my personal preferences. I don’t like people coming up to me and read them. I think Images speaks so much more than words especially when it’s on a body. So I like to take my favorite lyrics and turn them in to things. When you listen to a song, it creates a certain image in your mind, it takes you to a certain place, that the type of image I like to capture and turn it into tattoo. The way I do it is I start reading lyrics while song is playing, closing my eyes, start feeling how this music makes me feel and the images that I associate with this lyrics. Let your tattoo artist listen to it, explain the best way you can, let him make some sketches and here you go, there is your tattoo.
You can also go with some traditional ideas like my close friend Mark. He has a Batman tattoo! I know what you think, cartoon and movie character from early days, are you nuts?! So I asked him why he did it? And I was surprised what he told me. He explained to me that Batman is an instructional idea for how to live life. And yes that is the story that many people look at it as cheesy, but his view of it is this. Guy with no super powers, who holds himself to a higher standard. Who through the discipline, focus, will power acquire skills, and he wants to put this skills to use in service of something bigger than himself. He understands that the bat is the idea and ideas can’t be killed. All the stuff that applies to real life. And he is just wise enough to say I’m going to take those lessons for what they are. Which is very powerful information giving to him by writers through time, who have been putting this mythology for us to actually use in our own life to really built something.
So next time you see somebody with a batman tattoo, don’t judge ride away, ask them why they did it, I’m sure you’ll be surprised.
My final inspirational idea is tattoo flash. It’s a great idea because it’s most of the flash tattoos are universally understood. You can even have fun with them, recently I went with my friend Alex to get a flash tattoo for a fundraiser. Most likely flash tattoo will not be unique and you end up sharing this tattoo with somebody else, but that’s fun too. You meet somebody from the other part of the world and you have same tattoos – you already talking to them! But if you want a 100% custom tattoo, you can always be inspired by flash tattoo. There always there for you to get size references, you can look them up on online, there on Instagram in the tattoo shops. Its a great resource to get inspired by.
As for color get it black or color is totally up to you decide, look at yourself naked in the mirror and figure out what kind of person you are, how do you want to look like, look at the different pictures online for people who have primarily black and gray tattoos, and who have primarily color tattoos. Figure out where you fall in that spectrum.
I hope my advice will help you. I hope you will implement some of my tricks.

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