Ideas When Partying in your Las Vegas Hotel Room

Las Vegas, Nevada is considered, by many, to be the party capital of the world. This city, otherwise known as Sin City, is a destination chosen by many party-goers due to its relaxed laws on controlled substances and gambling. After you attend the various bars, casinos, and strip clubs this city offers; you should continue your adventures at the hotel room if you want to get the full Las Vegas experience. The possibilities are endless. This article will detail my tips on how to keep the excitement of this city alive after you decide to take the party back to your room.

Picking a Hotel
To get the most out of your Las Vegas hotel party, you need to make sure you pick the hotel that will properly suit your needs. There are literally dozens of options when looking for a hotel in this city. It’s important you do research and find a good hotel. Nothing is worse than when you get put in a room that allows smoking when you are a non-smoker. If you planned on booking the cheapest hotel that is in the general area of the city you want to explore, you should reconsider and make sure you find a well-reviewed hotel that offers the services you are looking for. Finding out if your hotel allows smoking in the rooms may be the most important factor if you are not accustomed to the smell. Next, I would recommend finding a hotel that offers food, drinks, and entertainment. Most do, but again, finding the accommodations you prefer will come down to how much research you did beforehand. Most, if not all, offer free wi-fi and a continental breakfast.

My personal favorite is the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This rock ‘n’ roll-themed casino features concerts, music memorabilia, a lively pool scene, and many different bars and restaurants to choose from. The Pink Taco is a favorite among many restaurants at this hotel. Consisting of endless tequila variants and Mexican cuisine, this restaurant is known, like most areas in Las Vegas, for its surroundings. However, the food is worth the hefty price tag and you will be finding yourself wanting to visit this city again just for this locations menu.

Picking a Room
Two years ago, when I visited Las Vegas with a small group of friends, we were almost thrown out of the hotel due to the numerous noise complaints we received. My first tip, no matter which hotel you stay in, is to request a corner room. A corner room is usually going to cost you more per night but the benefits are worth it. Due to the layout of corner rooms, noise isn’t going to reach your neighbors as easily. If you’re in Las Vegas with a group of friends, it’s almost inevitable you will be causing a ruckus when you return to your room after a long night of partying. Plus, corner rooms provide a better view of your surroundings. If you’re prone to breaking the “No Smoking” rule that most hotels have, a corner room will provide you with a pleasant cross breeze to help air out the ashtray stench. However, I would recommend just taking a trip to the casino floor, or a balcony, if your room has a no smoking rule. Penalties for breaking these rules can be severe and end up costing you a lot more money than you planned on spending.

Maintaining A Beer/Liquor Supply
Party favors are certainly not hard to come by in this city, and liquor can be found in bars and convenience stores at any time, but if you want to avoid the mini refrigerator liquor prices you should be well stocked before you even start your night. Once you decide to go back to your hotel room, you probably want to head directly there and not have to make any stops. In my opinion, nothing is worse than being 12+ drinks into the night and having to stop at a liquor store before going back to your room. Not being stocked beforehand is just asking for a last-minute supply run to go wrong, or to forget entirely and be forced to go back out a second time.

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These simple ideas will help you make the most out of your Las Vegas party experience, but none of them matter if you are not safe. An accident, or just bad decision making, can lead to a horrible experience filled with regret. Don’t allow the city to get you in trouble, and just practice good decision making and common sense while you enjoy the night life.